A gift to the people
of Nashville

Every dollar
matters in this
gift to the city
of Nashville

The privately funded Fountains of Musica Capital Campaign will finance the build out of all three fountain features. Bill Sullivan, foundation board chief financial officer, said, “The Fountains of Musica Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to completing ‘Musica’ as a gift to the people of Nashville.”

Set inspiration in motion

Old and young, near and far, we will be inviting people to experience the joy and exuberance felt when creating in Nashville. Join this movement. Each dollar and person are essential in helping flip the switch in 2020 as we raise $2 million dollars to complete the fountains as originally planned.

As a special thank you, we will dedicate a permanent mention at the Fountains of Musica for donors who contribute within these ranges:

For donors from $1,000–$5,000, a note of recognition will be permanently installed in the terrace around the family fountain in Owen Bradley Park.

Donors from $10–$1,000 will be recognized on our website.