Music Row
at the heart of Nashville

With the Fountains of Musica at Buddy Killen Circle in Music Row, we couldn’t think of a more symbolic location. As the focal point of our city’s music industry for 60 years, Music Row is home to an array of music record labels, publishing houses, music licensing firms, recording studios, video production houses as well as many longtime residents. On January 12, 2015, the National Trust for Historic Preservation announced Nashville’s Music Row as a National Treasure.

Having the full Musica experience completed in a place that means so much to Nashville opens up the opportunity to celebrate our community’s culture even further.

A wave of support

We’ve received donations from those within our community and beyond. See why Fountains of Musica matters to so many of our supporters.

“Carolyn, Thaddeus and I feel very blessed that my folks will represent all songwriters that have made Nashville the creative wellspring it is today. It is our honor to help bring to life a beautiful installation at the top of Music Row which we hope will be as inspirational as Music Row itself.”

—Del Bryant, youngest son of Boudleaux and Felice Bryant

Fountains of Musica will make one of Nashville’s most visible and beautiful works of art even more eye-catching and enjoyable to visit. Musica captures the creativity so many Nashvillians explore every day, not only on Music Row but throughout our great city, to the benefit of people around the world.”

—Former Mayor David Briley

“It is not by accident that Musica sits prominently in the heart of Music Row where it pays tribute to and represents some of the most creative and diverse individuals in our city. Adding the element of water to the dancing figures will only heighten its beauty and intrigue. I can already imagine the child-like joy on all the faces – from near and far – as they witness the stunning transition. Yes! 'Let's Get Wet!'”

—Odessa Settles

“The Fountains of Musica will be absolutely breathtaking and will become a landmark for our city.”

—Bob Mueller, WKRN News Anchor

“I’ve always been intrigued by the dancing statues of Musica. Adding fountains seems like such a cool thing to do and it will add so much to Music Row. I can’t wait to see it!”

— Martina McBride

“Music Row has always been a special place in my life and career. As entertainers, we come here with dreams to fulfill. As fans, we come to experience the place where the music of our lives comes from. Now with the Roundabout, Musica and the new fountains, our beloved Music Row has a proper introduction!”

—Reba McEntire

Musica is a great landmark and this will make it even better. It’s going to be the prominent symbol for music in this city and by adding flowing water it’s a way to literally add energy into that area of town. By representing diversity in the music business, it is good for us to make a statement that all music is represented and welcome in this community.”

—Keb’ Mo’

“Musica has become a landmark in Nashville. It is only fitting that as the city enhances and expands its creative culture that Musica rises and evolves alongside our music, dining, fashion and arts!”

—Butch Spyridon

“I’m Nashville born and Music Row has always been Main Street for me and my family. I’m so happy that Musica will finally have water gushing around it as was always planned. Our city deserves a monument to creativity of this magnitude for the whole world to come and see.”

—Levi Hummon

“As the Greek goddess Aphrodite was born out of water... so shall the dreams of many who come to Nashville to enjoy the Fountains of Musica.”

—Rita Wilson