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moves us.

The Fountains of Musica celebrates the arts, creativity
and inspiration flowing throughout Nashville’s diverse
community. Unveiled in 2003, Musica was originally
conceived as a fountain with water needed to
complete the full experience. By finishing the
Fountains of Musica, we can create a unique
public space to gather together
for years to come.

“It would
be a crime if
the fountains
weren’t built.”

—Steven Tyler

Whether it’s building the Fountains of Musica
in a historic creative hub such as Music Row
or gaining support, our community is at
the center of why this project means
so much to our city.

Join the

While the sculpture is already in place, water
for the fountains along with a sustainable,
environmentally-conscious maintenance
system are still needed. With your help,
we can make this happen.

Let it flow

Let’s finish this together

Through your generous donations,
we can finish this work of art for
our entire community to enjoy
for years to come.